Do you have the Guts For Business?

A quotation that stuck with me over the years went something like this: “if you’re not scared half out of your mind, you’re not playing a big enough game”.

Yesterday I went to two business openings, one in Whitby, one Ajax. Each had mayors, Chamber of Commerce representatives and politicians present. Ribbons were cut, speeches given. It was a big deal.

Businesses hire people. Both businesses and employees pay taxes that help make communities what they are. Without business, where exactly would the money come from? In Whitby, a web design catering client of ours (Cuisine in Motion) opened a restaurant called Cuisine ‘n’ Jazz.  The other company is a fast growing SEO supplier called The Search Engine People located in Ajax.

Web design is a gutsy enough game, but these two companies were inspiring. Both are husband wife teams that work their butts off. Both have visions and dreams that they put out in the world like a song writer or poet. It’s why I love working with owner-operated businesses.  You get to work with people who put themselves out into the world. They mortgage houses, borrow to grow, work hard and don’t complain about “their boss”. They worry just as employees do, but they worry about making payroll, cash flow, hiring skilled workers, competition, and getting “votes” for their products/services in the form of money. They fill out piles of paperwork for governments, banks and insurance. They go in knowing that only 10% of businesses last more than 10 years, yet they risk and do it anyway.

The operators of small businesses employ more than 95% of employees.  They deserve our admiration and respect. They have guts. Do you?