CMS Web Solutions enters agreement with The Search Engine People

Last week CMS Web Solutions Inc. began reselling the services of The Search Engine People (SEP), an Internet marketing firm in Ajax. They are one of Canada’s premier search engine marketing companies with clients such as RIM, ING and Canwest Global just to mention a few. Although SEP have been clients for a number of years now, their target market has been bigger than ours. Recently, they’ve created packages that meet our 5 – 50 employee target market and we agreed to be resellers. What does this mean to our clients? It means that some of the money currently going to off line marketing can shift to where the market is…the Internet. It means clients can go after specific market niches locally and around the world. It means, unlike many offline marketing initiatives, actual data can be extracted and measured, allowing for fine tuning based on fact. Properly built search engine friendly websites need to go hand and hand with well planned and executed Internet marketing strategies. Together, from our little place on the planet, we can now help clients capture new markets that at one time would have been cost prohibitive. What an exciting time to be in business!