China Olympics: A wake up call for Canadian Businesses

The world is shrinking. Canada’s luster is tarnishing. After watching other countries performances in the Olympics do we still believe that we are the country skilled and talented people from around the world want to live? Skilled immigrants are starting to find other opportunities around the world, increasingly, in their own country. Look at how far China has come. $700 US a ticket to the opening ceremonies. Scalpers getting $2,000 per seat for the China/US basketball game.
Canadian Companies need to start realizing, and fast, that China, India and other emerging countries present both competition and opportunities. You really need to start strategically thinking about your company’s website and web design. Whitby is home to Jim Flaherty, Canada’s finance minister. He travels around the world promoting Canada as a wonderful place to invest. People from around the world in various industries might be visiting your website. Are you ready for them? Can they find you? When they do is your site easy for them to navigate and contact you? The days of simple little brochure websites are over. We’re in a global economy. It’s time to start thinking like a Global Company. If you aren’t, just watch the Olympics; look at the various countries kicking our butt to see who will replace you.