Touching Base, Checking all the Boxes

Hands pointing to laptop screen while another hand on the laptop mouseWasn’t that a historic couple of years! At CMS Web Solutions, we’ve been so impressed by our clients’ creativity and responses during this pandemic. Many didn’t change what they did, they changed how they did it. That opened new opportunities, new markets, new ways of running their organization. Big round of applause from us all here at CMS Web Solutions.

Businesses don’t like surprises. We work extra hard to get ahead of issues, so our clients weren't surprised. Most times, our clients have no idea what we do. But we thought we’d highlight five things that impact our clients.

  1. Our hosting is in Canada
    greencheckmarkMany businesses don’t know this, but the US removed privacy protections for non-US companies. To protect our clients, we made sure that our hosting is in Canada, protected.
  2. Our hosting is green
    Did you know our main Canadian hosting facility is one of the greenest in North America? Yup, the power is produced by hydroelectric, and the facility is water-cooled.
  3. Backed up … big time
    Ever notice that CMS Web Solutions built websites don't go down? Ask your fellow business owners, who don’t host with us, and they’ll tell you how many times theirs does. That’s because we build solid websites that last. With increasing security issues on the rise, we run regular back-ups to ensure your site is protected. Along with increased security procedures we have 14 back-ups of our clients' websites at any one time.
  4. Basic WordPress version and security updates are included
    greencheckmarkLike a car, WordPress, being a Content Management System (CMS), needs maintenance. That means constant security and version updating. While other companies charge high ongoing maintenance fees, we simply include it in the monthly fee. When other websites get hacked or go down because no one does maintenance, our clients websites don't.
  5. Web accessibility is built in
    Web accessibility means building websites that work for everyone, including those with disabilities. Most web design and development companies ignore accessibility. We think delivering a website to customers and telling clients their website looks great, but doesn’t work great for people with disabilities or seniors is wrong. Many of you may know that one of our specialties is web accessibility. If you had a website built by us in the last 10 years, chances are the bones of the website were built with accessibility in mind. And a well-built, accessible website is not only great for search engines, but also solid, lasts longer and has less issues.

We’re always adding new skills, knowledge, and key partners to give our clients the upper hand.