Why Businesses Need to Stop using Gmail, Rogers, Bell etc. for their Business Email

There are many people that use Gmail, Bell, Rogers and similar email providers for their personal use. When they start a new business, it’s easier just continuing to use that email. However, that’s not a very good strategy in the long run for a business. As the saying goes: “Before you start climbing a wall, make sure the wall is the right one.”

You see, when you start out in your business one of the first things you get is a business card. You start handing it out. You also send out emails, continuing to build your network. So what happens, say 3 or 5 years down the road, when you want to switch providers? Or what if you become uncomfortable with Gmail when you find out they scan your emails and start advertising to you? All those years of building up your network of people will be lost. That is unless you own your own domain and have a separate email service.

By owning your domain name, like www.mybusinessname.ca you can set up an email service with something like john@mybusinessname.ca. And you can switch to any email service provider you want. During the transition you can keep the original email as well as you phase it out. The earlier you start, the easier it is to switch everyone over.

Having a branded email also makes your business look a bit more professional. 

We can help. Contact us directly to check if your domain name is available and to set up your business email service which starts at only $3 month.

Businesses love control. Make sure you think ahead and start controlling your email today.