Business Owners that don’t use the Internet…Be VERY worried

I think my brains are leaking out of my head from shaking it so often.  I have to stop talking to the business owners that say they don’t understand or aren’t bothering worrying about using the Internet.

Last week 2 friends of mine had a chat. Both were in the same business. One used the Internet the other didn’t. One has a huge chunk of business coming from the internet, the other zero. My question to the non-Internet user is always the same. If you don’t understand it, why not hire someone that does? I don’t understand all the details of taxes , so I hire someone. What’s the difference? Isn’t it better than becoming irrelevant or disappearing? Ugh, there, I go shaking my head again.

A government consultant told me that over 40% of companies still don’t have a website! So here’s my advice to the non-Internet business owner.  Get help or start looking over your shoulder; because the younger, faster, Internet savvy are now here. We either have our own businesses or are hired by business owners that listen to our advice. And we'll take business away from you. And that’s something to be worried about.