Business Owners: The Coming Website Crisis You Didn’t Know About

Code picture photo by Branko Stancevic Question: how often do you experience Microsoft, Apple or other apps sending you updates? They do it because of security patches, upgrades and improvements. So, who’s doing that for your company website?  

In the last few years web designers have gravitated towards purchasing themes. These are pre-made templates often loaded with small scripts of codes called plug-ins. Buying and customizing themed websites is usually cheaper than a custom built website. Cost-sensitive businesses like the lower upfront cost. But what they don’t realize is that they come with technical debt, meaning they kick some costs to the future.     

Many unsuspecting business owners don’t realize their websites need maintenance. They think it’s like a sign, buy once and it lasts forever. But it’s more like buying a car. If you don’t change/add oil and do regular maintenance, the car will break down. Repairs end up costing more than they might have if you’d just paid for that ongoing maintenance.

We’re starting to see are more serious website breakdowns. From security breaches to websites that just stop working. And not just small websites. We’ve worked with multimillion dollar companies who haven’t done any maintenance for years. Some leave it so long the website can’t be repaired, it needs to be replaced. And that is costly. 

If you aren’t paying someone now to do regular maintenance, you’re guaranteed to pay the price at some point.