Blogging Tips for Beginners

More and more we have clients asking us about how to write for their blogs. Here are some of the tips we share with them.

  1. Topic

    Know your blog topic. Readers want your insights on a topic. Providing real-life examples is a great way to do that.

  2. Use the title/headline effectively

    Grab search engine attention by using your key words in the headline or title. The post title usually becomes part of the page URL structure. This is key in getting Search Engine referral clicks.

  3. Effective content

    Include useful and unique content. What do your customers want or need to know? If you’re not sure, ask them.

  4. How much to write

    No one knows the optimal length, but extremely long or extremely short posts are not ranked as highly. A page or post of at least 250-300 words is probably a reasonable length.

  5. Make it easy to read

    Web users scan copy on the web so use bullets, subheadings, paragraphs and space to make it easy to find the key words and information they are looking for.

  6. Proof read and spell-check

    Nothing can undermine a great post more than misspelled words or bad grammar.

  7. Don’t underline

    Don’t confuse users with underlining. On the web, underlined words have become the standard for links. If you need to emphasize text, use bold or italics instead.

  8. Write frequently

    Keep feeding the search engines by writing regularly. Two or 3 times a week is ideal as long as the content is useful. Creating a regular task for blogging can help you keep on track.

  9. Use pictures and videos

    Use pictures that make sense with the content. Try using videos to help tell a story.

  10. Save your posts

    Always save before you publish – just in case you lose your internet connection or ….. anything can happen.

Do you have any other blogging tips to share?

Happy blogging!