Are you in the 99% that were taught to tie their shoes incorrectly?

OK, maybe it’s not 99%, but after watching a very short  2:39 minute Ted Talk, where most of these very bright people in the room were doing it wrong, chances are you too might be. It’s one of those videos that not only sticks in your brain, it opens up your mind. It reminded me that there may be better ways of doing those things I habitually do without even thinking.

As the year comes to an end, we here at CMS Web Solutions central tend to look back and review the year. We love to collect data in order to uncover what works and what doesn't. I must confess that if we hadn't taken a closer look at our marketing data, we probably would have continued down the same path next year. What was surprising was that marketing that worked well just a few years ago no longer worked as well. As a result of our review we are shifting resources to those marketing vehicles that actually created measurable results. (If you are falling down a bit on the measuring front, contact us and I'll share which measuring tools we use.)

But I digress. Back to the amazing mind blowing video. After you watch this Ted Talk, please share it with others. (And isn't it nice to know that the next time you tie your shoes differently, you'll think of us over here at CMS Web Solutions? Let's call it an early Christmas present.)