Are You Fat? How to get your Attention.

Getting your attention is becoming more difficult with the large amount of information we are bombarded with. So how do you as a small/medium size business get attention for your product/service? It used to be about headlines, but even those strategies are becoming overused and ignored. An effective strategy is to visualize a person in your mind that you wish to target. (Not a group of people, a real living, breathing person) and ask yourself what do I need to say to that person so that they will say “hey they're talking to me! This strategy forces you to focus not only your product/service offering, but also focuses your message to your target audience. By focusing on an individual, you can then ask additional questions about where they hang out, what websites they visit, what words you need to use to speak the way they do (as opposed to the way you do). Remember the better the focus, the easier and more effective your message will be in getting some of their “mindshare”.