Are you Brutally Honest about your Business?

We’re in our 7th year of business. One mistake we made early on and consistently see starts ups making is not taking an emotionally detached perspective of their business. It’s similar to the phase we’ve all been through at the beginning of a relationship. This euphoric “glow” is wonderful, however, remaining in it too long delays us getting on with the job of doing what a business is supposed to do…make a profit. As we approach the end of the year we’ve learned to take a brutally honest and unemotional examination of our business. We look at what’s working, what’s not, where’s the money flowing, where’s the best return on time invested etc. A friend once told me that we will make good decisions and bad decisions; that’s just a reality. But the worse thing we can do is not make a decision. The delay in making a decision actually does more harm than good. It eats away at us. So be brutally honest. Decide to stop doing what is not working and get on with growing your business in areas that are working.