3 ways to ensure your information is not contributing to eWaste

In a world where spreading your message is cheap and easy for a business, there has been an increase in eWaste. This is information pushed out into a highly diverse world by eTools that are easy to use for the sender.

Is your info important to you or your audience? Are you sending it out just to remind people of your existence? How can you ensure that your info will be read and appreciated?

1.     Make it personal, practical and ideally timely for the target audience. Ask yourself “Would I really care about this enough to read it?”

2.     Keep it very short. Who has time to read nowadays? But we like to stay on top of events, trends etc. If required, hyperlink it to the full article on your website or blog. If it’s important to me and I have the time I will read it.

3.     Think about your audience. There is only one person on the other side of the monitor/screen. Write to that person.

Sound easy? It’s harder to do than you think. Start observing what you are receiving and what you actually read.  Then, do unto others …