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Time to prepare your website now for voice searches

iphone siri voice search

The iPhone launched in 2007. Since then it’s incredible how quickly mobile phones have become a part of our lives. So what’s next?  In the last year, technology related to speech recognition has had major breakthroughs. The accuracy keeps getting better and it will only improve. And as it does, more people will stop typing and simply ask their smart phones questions.   Apple just released a new Apple TV with voice search. Others will follow. Speak recognition technology in automobiles will improve as well. We will become more comfortable speaking than typing. Trends show it’s growing.    As a …

The WordPress time bomb that may ruin your day

Woman screaming

The call or email goes something like this:  “Help!  I’ve been hacked. My website has been down for over a day now. We are losing business!” We are starting to see what we predict will be a very bad trend that will affect a large number of the organizations that are buying WordPress websites. And those organizations have no idea …. until it’s too late. It’s not unusual for the average web designer to buy WordPress themes, customize them, and put them on cheap hosting. Everyone is proud of the new website.  It looks great. Your organization puts out an announcement, everyone compliments your …

Fix mobile usability issues found on…

Do you have Google’s Webmaster Tools installed on your website? If you do and if your current website isn’t mobile friendly, Google is starting to send out notices with the words Fix mobile usability issues found on… suggesting you fix the issues. The notice will go something like this: “Google systems have tested 57 pages from your site and found that 100% of them have critical mobile usability errors. The errors on these 57 pages severely affect how mobile users are able to experience your website. These pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search, and will therefore …

Web accessibility: Why it’s time has come

Having an accessible website means that your site is built in a way that enables anyone with a disability to interact with it. The Ontario AODA legislation kicked in January 1, 2014.  It is now mandatory for any company with 50 or more employees to make their new website or new web content accessible to meet WCAG 2.0 standards. The 370,000 businesses in Ontario with less than 50 employees need to pay attention as well. What level of WCAG 2.0 should you meet? Think of WCAG 2.0 as the ISO standard for web accessibility. It is the technical standard web designers use …

Are you Selling in the Right Place? Online Marketing

Most business people aren’t using the social media platforms you like to use as a consumer to buy products and services. In fact some don’t use social media at all for business. If your next thought is, “well, they are old” or “they aren’t tech savvy”, I would reply that you’re probably making judgements based on your reality of online marketing, not the reality of your customer. And data shows most of our business activity is still done using dark social. In 2013 in the US, only 22% of business people used LinkedIn, a well known social media business platform. …

Are you Annoying Visitors Without Realizing It?

Back in Sept of 2011 usability expert Jakob Nielson wrote an article entitled “How Long Do Users Stay on Web Pages?” ( He spoke of research that showed your website has only 10 seconds to get visitors to stay. If you can get visitors to stay 30 seconds the rate of visitor loss flattens out. That means you need to communicate your value proposition within 10 seconds, then get them to stay for 20 seconds more. But what if you are annoying visitors without realizing it? How? Distracting movement on your website. “What?” you ask, “but I love my carousels …

These 5 words will save you BIG marketing dollars

We get it. The Internet is an exciting place with emerging technologies and new ways of reaching your prospective customers. Each week we have clients ask us about a new digital marketing vehicle they’ve just read about or stumbled upon.  These shiny new tools often promise to magically solve their revenue targets.  When our clients ask, we answer with these 5 words: “Are your prospective customers there?” How many times have businesses tried new vehicles like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest only to be disappointed? How much time and money was invested because someone told them it was the next big thing?  If you start with those 5 words –Are …

Why Businesses Need to Stop using Gmail, Rogers, Bell etc. for their Business Email

There are many people that use Gmail, Bell, Rogers and similar email providers for their personal use. When they start a new business, it’s easier just continuing to use that email. However, that’s not a very good strategy in the long run for a business. As the saying goes: “Before you start climbing a wall, make sure the wall is the right one.” You see, when you start out in your business one of the first things you get is a business card. You start handing it out. You also send out emails, continuing to build your network. So what happens, say 3 or 5 years down …

Are you sure you want me to shop at your store?

Like many folks, I try to combine trips to and from the office with other chores: stopping at the bank, picking up office supplies, etc. You know the drill. So, when I’m planning my day, I often visit the website of the store I want to shop at, to see what time they open. If the store opens later in the morning, I can plan my visit for later in the day. If you don’t tell me your store hours on your website, you risk losing my sale. I’ll find someone else who’s open and leave my money there. Please …

Should you buy advertisements this year?

The calls are starting to come in from clients asking us “should I buy Yellow Pages advertising?” My answer is the same. “Let’s look at your websites visitor data and see how many visitors are coming directly from Then you can see if the number justifies the amount you are considering spending with them.” So what does our collective client data indicate this year? Not one client has been happy with their Yellow Pages numbers. The data also reveals that people are mostly searching through Google, not going through the Yellow Pages directory. Where do you search? So before …

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